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Jul 9, 2012 6:00pm EDT
night in arlington, texas, is the hot, dry weather is no game for those who struggle to make their living from the land. >> our farmers right now are hurting. >> reporter: drought conditions stretch across more than half of the country, creating what the scientists call the largest drought footprint in the 21st century. corn crops and many other crops have withered. rain now is little more than aniinsult to the farmers. >> rain today won't do us any good. it's over with on corn. mother nature hasn't been very good to us this summer. >> reporter: a blistering summer that's really only just begun. jay gray, nbc news. >>> here at home the heat kink that caused a derailment on the green line has now been fixed. metro officials say the scorching temperatures caused the track to actually bend. that caused the train to derail. crews worked all weekend to fix it. now thanks to lower temperatures today, no heat-related speed restrictions in place at this point. >>> coming up, fairfax police shot and killed a man after he claimed they fired on him first. >>> anger is growing after deadly flo
Jul 17, 2012 6:00pm EDT
of work. >> reporter: but the president courting voters in texas says the answer is not tax benefits for the rich. >> i want to end tax breaks to companies that are shipping jobs overseas. let's give tax breaks to companies investing right here in texas, right here in the united states of america. let's put american workers back to work! >> reporter: both candidates are offering plans to help the economy which grew at an annual rate of 2.5% in the last half of 2011 but slowed to below 2% recently. it's unlikely the fed will take any action at its next meeting at the end of july. but if the economy continues to weaken, steps may be taken at the board's mid-september meeting. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >>> despite the fed's somber report today, investors on wall street didn't panic. stocks actually rose today. the dow jones industrial average closed 78 points higher ending at 12,805. nasdaq up 13 points to 2,910. the s & p 500 gained ten points closing at 1,363. >>> another day, another round of questions from vincent gray about the federal investigation into his 2010 camp
Jul 6, 2012 6:00pm EDT
north texas toll way authority just released the video. the bus plowed into four cars sending car parts flying all over the road. there were no passengers on the bus at the time. two other people were hurt. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. the bus driver is on paid leave while that happens. >>> chris christie isn't commenting after a video shows him in a heated back-and-forth at the jersey shore last night. tmz obtained the video after someone criticized his education policy and kept walking. >> you're a real big shot. >> stop shooting your mouth off. >> you're a big shot. keep walking away. >> keep walking. keep walking. >> governor christie recently signed legislation to expand public funding for charter schools. critics wanted that money to go to struggling public schools. >>> doug's here with more about our weather. >> to that it might be cool today compared to tomorrow, that's saying something. the highest i sauce was 99 at the haired. i think we'll be setting some records. we'll show you how things are shaping up. plenty of sunshine, not even a cloud in t
Jul 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
kelly davies, now kelly curren, living in texas. she began swimming when she was 9 years old. she says the abuse began when she was 13. >> i know what i know, and the truth will set you free. and i was bound for 23 years, 6 months and however many days, and i'm free. >> reporter: kelly says she eventually told some people, including her parents. at 19 she was encouraged to sign a settlement in which he agreed to not speak about the charges, ever. >> in my coming out and talking about this changes one life, if it changes one life, then it's -- my heart's d. then my life has made a difference. >> reporter: kelly says her love for her former swim club and its kids remains in tact, the curl-burke club released a statement saying that rick curl has taken a leave of absence. efforts to reach curl today were unsuccessful. jaxxie benson, news4. >> and time is shifting. >> this is video of james hole systems, long before he became a suspect. he's given a presentation at the salk institute for biological studies, where he was doing a summer internship. he was 18 at the time. the motive for the s
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4